Monday, June 28, 2010

I Didn't Like Webinars Before, But Now, Different Story!

I am not sure why, but I used to hate that concept. In fact, I stood away from anything with the word "webinar" on it. Even filtered directly to my Gmail Trash bin any email containing that word. (Great Tool BTW! )

The last week, I have attended to my first webinar, out of curiosity and to give it a try. After all, I am not irrational. I had my doubts of course, but in the end, the experience was great and what I have learned by interacting with the hundreds of attendees, is really invaluable.

Not that we received a lot of PDFs and access to special VIP video tutorials or similar stuff, but we got to learn about many people doing the same Internet Marketing stuff we do every day.

Sometimes, you feel as if you were the only one doing this "weird" type of work. The most important lesson is that the word about online businesses is spreading around at high speed.

The traditional businesses are looking to Internet looking for a solution to their advertising and positioning needs. The old school advertising is not effective anymore, and I am not writing that because I read it on some other blog, forum, or specialized magazine. You just check your own research habits these days. You need some special service? What is your first grab the yellow pages fat book, or enter a query on Google's Search Engine?.

If you are reading this blog post right now, I would bet the Google is gonna be the winner here.

Back to the webinars, you are able to observe the huge amount of money moving through Internet every day. It is shocking, and even more amazing the fact that you need very little money investment to start up one of the many models to make money online, like contextual advertising, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing for small businesses, and many, many more.

The only fact, of getting new contacts in one of those unique events is worthy of whatever price you pay to participate. You get to learn how is the other side of the world doing and how could you take advantage of that information. May be join a group where the strengths and weaknesses are clear and a complementation would be feasible.

Of course, this is just my first webinar, and I have no point of comparison, but if most webinars are like this one, I wouldn't doubt a second to attend the first chance I get. The only problem I noticed, is that technology is not infallible. Some minutes lost because a mic is not working or the sound in general gets cut sometimes, but all in all, those are just very little spaces where the moderator took rapid action to fix whatever was happening.

If you, dear reader, know about some interesting webinar, please send me a message or just post a comment here. I always review my blogs.